What to Wear

  • When choosing outfits start with a color pallet and make sure to choose different textures and patterns within that color pallet.
  • When selecting colors you should consider the background. For example, Pick warm colors when shooting outdoors to compliment the greens and blues of nature. In my studio, I have royal blue, brown, and off-white couches. Everything else is very neutral so most colors work.
  • For moms: choose an outfit that doesn't require much maintenance. Make sure your undergarments are correct for the outfit so you're not fiddling to much.
  • Try to avoid neon colors and graphics in most situations. (this could work in a solo portrait situation though)
  • Shoes matter if you don't have nice shoes for everyone consider doing barefoot!
  • Also, see below my client closet options, and feel free to ask me about using any of the pieces.

My Client Closet

I offer dresses for women and a few options for kids. I am happy to have you try them on before the day of the session. Just email me to set up a time. Hello@thethreephotography.com