What to Wear

When selecting colors you should consider the background. For example, Pick warm colors when shooting outdoors to compliment the greens and blues of nature. Think about your background and what might look good with it. If you are not sure send me a message. I am happy to help. When choosing outfits coordinate using the color pallet and make sure to choose different textures and patterns within that color pallet. For moms: choose an outfit that doesn't require much maintenance. When you are constantly worried about a short skirt or strap it shows up in the photos.

My Client Closet

I offer dresses for women and will be adding a closet for kids soon. Take a look at the dresses available to wear when you book an elite session. I am happy to have you try them on before the day of the session. Just email me to set up a time. Hello@thethreephotography.com

You can use up to three dresses per session and I also have hats, belts, and shawls.